Can I afford to repair my credit?

The real question is, how long can you afford not to repair your credit? Take a look at how much it costs to have bad credit, and how much money you save by having Strong Credit

The average American Home in 2010 cost between $132,000 (Midwest) to $236,000 (Northeast). 

To demonstrate how much money you can save by improving your credit, take a look at the interest rate you could get on a $175,000 home loan with a 30-Year Fixed mortgage:

 Your Credit Score Interest Rate Monthly Payment Total Interest PaidWe can save you:
 Above 760 4.518%  $889    $144,886 STRONG CREDIT
 700 - 759 4.740% $912$153,258 $8,372
 680 - 699 4.917% $931 $160,009  $15,123
 660 - 679 5.131% $953$168,259 $23,373
 640 - 659 5.561% $1,000$185,122 $40,236
 620 - 639 6.107% $1,061$207,062 $62,176
*Information based on Average National Interest Rates from

The average cost of a new car in 2010 was $28,400. Even if you have mediocre credit, you will be spending almost 33% or more for the same car as someone with Strong Credit. This means, you can save almost $10,000 by simply improving your credit score!

An average new car purchased with a 48-month auto loan would cost you ......

 Your Credit Score      Interest Rate Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid We can save you:
 Above 720 4.815%  $652 $2,879 STRONG CREDIT
 690 - 7196.335% $671 $3,825   $946 
 660 - 6898.215%    $696$5,017  $2,138
 620 - 65911.789% $745  $7,357 $4,478
 590 - 619 17.651% $829 $11,396 $8,517
 500-589 18.614% $843 $12,083 $9,204
*Information based on Average National Interest Rates from

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