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The purchase of the Strong Credit Repair Manual includes the Complete Guide to Strong Credit, the “Credit Identity Lock” guide, the Legal Letters examples, Credit Report Request Forms, the Audio CD - “Credit in America”.  The material presented in this package is educational in nature and only represents opinions and suggestions intended as points of reference.  The makes no claims as to how long it will take an individual to improve their credit as each person’s situation is always unique.

Product Support

Please direct all support inquiries to  When emailing us your questions, please include your name, your email address, and any pertinent details that would help us to understand your question better.  As we reply to all inquires in the order received, we appreciate your patience as we provide all our customers with individualized response-service.  We will reply to your question(s) via email within one business day.

Return Policy

By opening the program packaging, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions on this page and are eligible only for the 100% Warranty discussed below.  If you do not wish to agree to the terms and conditions stated here, you can receive a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling and any non-refundable deposits) if you complete the following return instructions.  Email within seven days of receiving your package and request the address for our return department and a Return Authorization (RA) number to process your refund.  Emails requesting RA numbers after this time period are eligible for the 100% Warranty policy but not for a product refund.  The program package must then be returned unopened and the RA number must be clearly printed on the outside of the package.  Any return package received without a valid RA number clearly noted will be returned to sender.  Program packages that have been opened are not eligible for refunds.  Qualified returns will be refunded within seven days of our receipt of your package.

All Sales Are Final

All sales are controlled by the term and conditions stated in this invoice and are considered final.  In the event of product damage, packing or clerical errors, or other claims, email your detailed notice to us at within seven days after receipt of your package.  We will correct mistakes and provide product replacements if they were damaged.

One Year-100% Warranty

By using all the materials provided in this program and following the steps outlined in the manual, not only will your credit improve, but you are eligible for our 100% Warranty for one full year.  We will send you a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping and handling, as well as allow you to keep all program materials, should your credit not improve.  To receive your warranty refund, you must show proof of how you followed the program, including before/after copies of your credit report to verify change in credit scores, copies of all dispute letters mailed to credit bureaus or creditors, a detailed explanation of how your efforts did not result in credit score improvement, and a copy of your original invoice.  Email us with your explanation, electronic copies of your documents and your invoice to within one year of the invoice date and we will process your refund within 30 days.