Strong Credit

‘Everyone deserves Strong Credit’ - We help Americans live their best life, free from credit problems. We help thousands of people, just like you, each year become free from credit burdens and start living their life fully! Our "do-it-yourself" program has all the knowledge you will need to tackle bad credit.

The first step to living a worry free life is to take charge of your credit score. Bad credit can be repaired quickly with a few simple steps.

Save $128 a month on a $25,000 auto loan. Interest rates all depend on credit scores! A low FICO score of 585 will have the highest interest rates, with payments of $912! However, a FICO score of 720 or above would result in a $748 payment. The difference between a low credit score and high credit score is HUGE! You could be saving hundreds or thousands in higher interest costs each year. Let us show you how to fight back. We can give you the benifit our years of knowledge and show you effective ways to remove items from a credit report that hurt a strong score.

The following is an example of a 30 Year Mortgage for $150,000. Look at the savings with Strong Credit.

 FICO Score APR Monthly Payment Amount Wasted With Poor Credit
 760-850 4.480% $758$0 
 700-759 4.700% $778$240 
 680-699 4.876% $794$432 
 660-679 5.088% $813$660
 640-659 5.514% $853 $1,140
 620-639 6.055% $905 $1,764

Our one time fee for this program is $385. We offer a money back guarantee. The support from our company can make all the difference when dealing with Credit Reporting Companies.

At the Fair Credit Bureau we take the burden of finding information on repairing your credit off your shoulders - you have enough to worry about! Follow our simple steps and relax, you will have "Strong Credit" and be able to live your life the way you’ve always envisioned it.

Call us today! In less than five minutes you’ll be on your way to Strong Credit. 1-800-356-1100